Dressing Gown and Pjs
One thing I love about Autumn is cuddling up in a pair of comfy pjs and a snuggly dressing gown.
Bedside Table
This is my bedside table, well it's actually a bookcase, I like to store all sorts on it. Hand Cream, Lip Balms, Cotton Pads and Buds. I also have a light although I never use it it's more for decoration than anything, like the fake flowers.
Makeup Remover
I use most of these products on a daily basis, not the Nivea Eye Makeup Remover or the Lush Face Mask. There my daily needs for removing makeup, they remove it so easily and gently, I always rebuy!
Shower Gels (and a body butter)
These are some of my favourite shower gels (and a body butter!) they all smell amazing! My favourite Christmas scent is obviously Lush Snow Fairy, My newest if probably the Zoella Bath Latte and My all time favourite (which is very hard to choose) is probably I Love... Blueberry & Smoothie (pictured below).
I bought these of Boots a few weeks ago after seeing good reviews. I'd never heard of the brand so I gave it a go and I've never regretted it! It's completely changed my skin for the better, my spots look a lot less noticeable and there are noticeably less! It also smells amazing, which is a great pro and it has this tingly feel which totally makes my face feel so much cleaner.
Last nights shower
I used these in the shower last night, I washed my face with Lush Shower Jelly in Refresher and washed myself with I Love... Blueberry & Smoothie. To really clean my face I use the Biore products.
Tropic and Vaseline 
These are my tropic products (including the one below) they smoothen out your skin and makes it feel really soft. The Vaseline Intensive Care essential healing deeply moisturizes and leaves you skin looking nicer and feeling softer, it soaks in really nicely and only need a little.
These 2 moisturizers are amazing they both deeply moisturize and leave you skin feeling soft and smooth. The eye refresher is from Tropic it really refreshes you eyes and removes most of your dark circles and the puffyness.